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Care Instructions

Congratulations with your new Zenza light!

This is a brass lamp, which is completely made by hand with a lot of love. Now it is up to you to take a bit of care of this beauty.

The brass is plated with a thin layer of silver plating. After production we give the lamp a protective coating before it makes its long trip by sea and land to you. To enjoy this lamp for many years please give the silver some love and maintenance as written below.

As soon as you unpack your lamp, please coat  the lamp once more with a layer of ( invisible) protection spray. We sell this product as well as a service, it is called ” HG silver, copper and brass polish-no-more-finish”. You can order this at your local Zenza dealer.  Use this spray every half year again, to avoid oxygen and moist from doing their nasty job in staining.

If you still feel one day that you need to add a new silver layer, you can use another product that is specially developed for Zenza. It is a liquid which contains a bit of real silver and can be easily applied following the instructions that come with the bottle. One bottle is enough for 3-4 medium size lamps. You can find it on our website, it is called silver-plater. What you never should do, is use the regular silver polish. This dissolves the layer of the silver and finally your lamp will get a gold colour, the initial brass colour.

What you can do to clean the lamp, is to use a liquid kitchen soap. Apply this gently with a soft cloth on the surface, wait for at least 20 minutes and wipe it off with a wet cloth. Finally dry the lamp carefully and apply the HG coating spray.


HG silver, copper & brasspolish-no-more-finish prevents dullness and discolouring of silver, copper or brass. The deposit on silver and copper, which makes these precious metals dull and dark, is an oxidation process. This oxidation develops as a result of the oxygen and moisture from the air reacting with the metal. With HG silver, copper & brasspolish-no-more-finish you apply a completely invisible and unnoticeable protective finish that stops the reaction. This product is also suitable for brass and bronze.

How to use 
Remove dirt, greasy deposits and remnants of silver and copper polish with soapy water and allow the surface to dry thoroughly. Shake well before using HG silver, copper & brasspolish-no-more-finish. Hold the can up right and spray a layer that is not too thick in even strokes on to the silver or copper surface from a distance of approximately 20cm. The product can be removed easily with acetone.


Silver Plater is a special polish to restore, enhance and protect most dull and worn silver and silverplate. Silver Plater cleans, restores and enhances with pure silver. Silver Plater also protects against premature tarnishing. Silver Plater is a unique combination of non-toxic, non-abrasive ingredients and pure silver, which amazingly silver-plates during cleaning. Formulated with your safety and that of the enviroment in mind, it is water-based, non-toxic and non - flammable.

Silver Plater is made without phosphates or ammonia. For quick and easy silver-plating or re-plating. For professional and home use.


  1. Protect hands with household gloves. Clothing and work area etc. with plastic, against dark brown stains.
  2. Shake well, pour a little into a glass dish (or other non-metalbowl). Immediately replace the bottle cap, to avoid spillage.
  3. Apply liberally, PREFERABLY with a piece of balled up cotton wool or a clean application sponge. Do NOT use an impregated cloth! Only treat small areas at a time, ca 10cm2.
  4. Rub in firmly and thoroughly for 10/15 secs., so that the silver in the liquid is allowed to bond with the base metal. Whilst polishing, keep the liquid moving in a circular motion.
  5. Re-apply the liquid 2 or 3 times for best results.
  6. Immediately buff off with a clean, dry, soft cloth.Or wash, rinse and dry.
  7. Repeat if required, until the object is restored satisfactorily. PS: On chains, filigree and ornate items, you may need a soft brush to apply. Avoid splashing and thus staining. If possible, wash rinse and dry. Buff off with a soft clean brush and cloth. Regular use of Silver Enhancer will protect the silver forever !

As with any household cleaner, keep out of reach of children. in case of contact with eyes or cuts, rinse well with clean, cold water. if swallowed, warn a doctor. Without protection, hands, clothing and work area will become stained. Skin stains should vanish within a few days, otherwise remove them with a soft scouring pad, household bleach and water, or sodiumthiosulphate obtained from the chemist.