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Ordering & shipping costs

Which countries do you ship to?
In a nutshell: we ship our Zenza products to all countries.
Countries outside EU are able to place an order, our customer service will contact you about the transport.
For more information about shipping please go to this page.


When do I have free shipping?
When you are located in The Netherlands, Belguim, Luxembourg, Germany or France and you order for more than €100,-, shipping costs are free! 


How much shipping costs do I have?
That differs per country, and also depends on the size of your package! You get the most precise information by putting the product of your interest in your shopping cart, and then going through the first steps of the ordering process.

(Note: you pay import duties in Switzerland and Norway on the purchase. The costs differ per time, and we can unfortunately not indicate the amount)


My shipping costs are € 30 or higher, how is that possible?
Are your shipping costs above 30 euros? Then you have probably ordered a large product, or several (large) products at the same time! These are sent on a mini pallet or a euro pallet from Dachser, and the costs are somewhat higher than the costs for smaller packages. You can take - roughly - as a guideline that products that are wider than 70 cm, end up in the more expensive shipping category.