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Order issues

Can I still cancel my order?
Have you placed an order and have you changed your mind? Then please - during office hours! - contact us immediately by phone within 2 hours after you placed the order. You can reach us at number: 088 101 6888.

If your package has already been processed, it is unfortunately no longer possible to cancel your order. You can of course return the package as usual.

What to do if I receive a defective product, the wrong product, or an incomplete package?
That sucks, we apologize! Have you received a product that is damaged, a different product than you ordered, or a delivery that is incomplete? Please contact us directly at or fill out the contact form. We will then send you a shipping label with which the product can be returned at our expense.

Note: include the following in your email:
- a photo of the product
- your order number

Something goes wrong when completing my order, what to do?
1. Is your payment method not accepted? Then close your browser on your computer or mobile and restart it. Then place the product in your shopping cart again and see if it works. Perhaps it will now work.
2. Has your browser been open for a long time? It may be that someone just preceded you and ordered the last item. Refresh your page ("control + r" or "command + r") to see if the product is still available.

If the above tips did not help, email us at, and we will get started right away!


I have not received an order confirmation, how do I know if my order was successful?
Have you not received an email, not even in your spam? Please contact us by mail,


Is it possible that my order will be wrapped in package paper?
Unfortunately, that is not yet possible. If there is enough demand for it, we will definitely consider adding that option :).