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Choosing your lamp

I don't know whether to choose gold or silver, do you have any advice?
Both color lamps have their charm, and the most important thing in your choice is what makes you happy. In addition, you can see which color best suits your interior. Does your interior have many shades of gray and cool colors? Then silver might be the best fit. Is your interior warmer tinted, with beige, red or yellowish colors? Then golden lamps fit in nicely.


What are the pros and cons of silver lamps?

  • Advantages of silver lamps: The silver lamps are the most sold, and actually fit into any interior. Silver is timeless and can be easily combined. Also nice to know: the lamp will look a lot warmer when you put a warm-tinted pear in it.
  • Disadvantages of silver lamps: A disadvantage of the silver lamps is that they require more maintenance than the golden lamps. To keep them shiny, we advise to spray them twice a year with a protective layer (with this spray). Some people find it more beautiful and more authentic if the lamp becomes a bit darker in color. After all, they are handmade products! If you are one of those people, then this whole disadvantage is not applicable anymore, and you don't have to do anything.

What are the pros and cons of gold lamps?

  • Advantages of gold lamps: Would you like your lamp to stand out more? Then you're good with gold. Gold is a very hip and warm color, and a golden Oriental lamp can give your entire room a "lift". Another advantage of a gold-colored lamp is the ease of maintenance. Except now and then with a dust cloth over it, you don't have to do anything about this lamp.
  • Disadvantages of gold lamps: The lamp can show some color differences over time. But whether this is really a disadvantage? As far as we are concerned, this only adds to the authenticity of the lamp.

Which lamps go well with a low ceiling?
If you have a relatively low ceiling, there is still a lot of choice. Our ceiling lamps always suit a low ceiling and are available in both silver and gold. A smart option can also be to work mainly with wall lamps, possibly in combination with table lamps. Do you prefer a hanging lamp? Then choose a small hanging lamp, or a hanging lamp that mainly goes in width, such as our model the Gabs.


Which lamps go well with a high ceiling?
With a high ceiling, elongated models can be very beautiful, such as the Elegance, the Grace, the Tropic and the Tahrir. What can also be very nice is the grouping of lamps at different heights. These can have the same shape, but also different shapes, sizes and patterns. Do you want to know which combinations work well? Look for inspiration and examples on the Zenza Instagram, visit one of our stores, or give us a call. We are happy to advise you!


I want to be able to read / eat / work well with my hanging lamp, which hanging lamps have the greatest light output?
Do you want a lamp that gives a lot of light? Then choose a pendant lamp that has a medium to large opening at the bottom. This selection is most suitable. The advantage of our Egyptian lamps is that they are always very attractive in addition to being functional. The functional part consists of the light that shines directly through the lamp opening at the bottom, and the attractive part consists of the light that is filtered softly through all the holes.


I am looking for an atmospheric lamp, which lamps can you recommend?
Are you looking for an atmospheric lamp? Good news! All our lamps bring a lot of atmosphere into the house, because of the warm shadow pattern that is projected on the walls through the small holes.


Can I also hang the lamp outside?
The lamps are basically designed for indoor use. If you choose to hang the lamps outside, a covering is necessary. We also recommend that you exchange the fitting for an outdoor fitting. We do not guarantee in any way that the color of the lamp will be preserved, but if that's fine with you, go for it!


I am having trouble choosing my lamp, can I get advice?
You can always call us for lamp advice? That is also possible, here is our number: +31 (0) 881016888


Do you have examples of how the lamps look in different interiors?
We wish you a warm welcome to our Dutch Instagram and / or to our international Instagram, where you can get a lot of Zenza inspiration.