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How can I return my order?
It can of course happen that you are not completely satisfied with your order. Fortunately, you always have the option to return your order within 14 days of receipt.

To do this, take the following steps:


1. Register a return
Log in to your account page. Then go to "My orders" and click on the product you want to return. Here you will find the link to return your product.
2. Pack the product
Return the product in the original packaging or in another sturdy box. Make sure to seal the box tightly with tape.
3. Send package
Return the package via parcel service or post office to the following address:

Zenza Home
Hollandweg 6
1432 DD Aalsmeer

4. Purchase amount back
We do our best to process your shipment within 14 days of receipt!


Important: Keep the proof of shipment of the return shipment. If the return package is lost, this is not our responsibility. If you have any questions, we are happy to help you! Contact us via our contact page or send an email to


If I return something, what about the shipping costs?
Good question!

  • If you return the entire order: you will receive the total purchase amount including the shipping costs paid to us.
  • If you return part of the order: the shipping costs paid when buying are for your own account.
  • If a product is delivered faulty or defective: you will receive the total purchase amount including the shipping costs paid to us.

Can I return my order in one of the stores in Amsterdam?
Good news! It has recently become possible to return products from the webshop in our stores. Important: don't forget to bring your proof of purchase - a confirmation email of your order is sufficient. Here you will find our stores

I haven't received my money yet. Did my return arrive?
Indeed it may take a while. A return package arrives at our distribution center, and then they process this in their administration. We will then receive a message that your return has been processed and that we can initiate a refund.

Within 2 weeks after receipt of your package you will receive a confirmation from us that your return has been processed and a refund has been initiated!

Is it possible that I exchange my items instead of receiving money back?
Sure! Send us an email at and let us know for which products you want to exchange your order. We will transfer any remaining amount to you.

Can I return sale items?
Have you bought sale items through the webshop? Good news: you always have the option to return your items within 14 days of receipt, whether it was bought in the sale or not.