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Candle Lights

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Wholesale of candlesticks and tea holders (tea lights)

Zenza specializes in light, including candlelight, candlesticks and tea holders.
We have been designing the most beautiful products in this field for you for over 26 years.
Light gives atmosphere and a real flame certainly makes the home more attractive.
Our wholesale always offers new shapes and materials, so that you will have a contemporary range in your store.
The collection that Zenza sells the most is the collection with the well-known hole patterns that match our lamps.
They are made of copper, never rust and are timelessly beautiful.
As an extra they give a beautiful shadow pattern on the table when the flame is burning.

Which candlesticks or tea holders can you use on a dining table?

Often times, your customers will walk into the store with this in mind.
For a nice effect, you naturally group different shapes or sizes from the Zenza collection together.
After all, everything you repeat is reinforced and has more impact.
On a dining table you can think of a row of candlesticks in the middle, of various heights.
Then there is a rhythm and a certain playfulness, but still a tight plan, which looks soothing.
Zenza has made a beautiful timeless copper candlestick, in 3 different heights.
You can certainly use candle holders on a dining table, the advantage of which is that they never obstruct the view of the person sitting opposite you.
They are low, the flame is safely protected and the shadow pattern is an extra decorative element.

Which tea light holders combine best?

Yes, putting the right combination of objects together is the art of a beautiful still life.
Therefore, pay close attention to the proportions, use different heights, stay in a certain color group and use odd numbers.
For example, place a slightly higher candlestick between two lower tea holders.
For some extra liveliness, you can add a nice shell or a few dried flowers.
Or present all items on a beautiful tray from our collection.
The point of attention for our wholesale collections is always the added value of cohesion between the products.
Then there is a story, an individuality in atmosphere and sales success.

Selenite tea light holders

These beautiful opaque white stars and moon can be beautifully combined with the copper candlesticks.
A healing effect is attributed to selenite, so beautiful on the outside and inside!
To apply the odd number rule again, you can use 2 stars, a moon and two different heights of candlesticks.
Then you have brought together 5 objects that together tell a story and have a nice mutual relationship.

What colors of candles to choose?

What is beautiful is of course a matter of taste, but there is also theory and knowledge about colors that you can apply for the best result.
If you want to add a color, amber / orange is a very nice color for your candles to use on the dining table.
The color is delicious with food and focuses the eye on the warm candlelight.
This enhances the warmth of the atmosphere and amber combines beautifully with the golden candlesticks.
White candles are of course always good and emphasize a hushed serene atmosphere.
Black candles also look beautiful and still remain neutral.

What is the background to Zenza's style?

We design many of our products ourselves, in collaboration with artisans in Egypt, Morocco and India.
Handicraft is central, it gives so much "soul" to an object.
The craftsmen receive a fair salary and work under safe conditions.
Our designs are often based on existing old craft, but also refined in a more modern way.
We want to make products that build on traditions, but that are translated to the interiors and needs of today.

How do you describe Zenza’s style and taste?

Words such as ethnic chic, Ibiza style and bohemian are often used.
But what are words?
You just have to see and feel our atmosphere and then it clicks!
Welcome to Zenza!

Zenza tea light holders

Atmospheric tea light holders, Oriental candlesticks and fine scented candles are indispensable accessories in Zenza's interior collection. The fastest way to really make an atmosphere on the table beautiful is to light a candle. All tea light holders and candlesticks are handmade, as you would expect from Zenza.

Gold and silver tea light holders

We have beautiful silver and gold tealight holders with hole patterns, which are a nice match with our Oriental lamps. You will find these tea light holders with us in the shape of a moon, the hand of Fatima, and in round shapes. When you light the tea light, you will see that it creates a playful shadow effect - just like our lamps!

Tea light holders made of natural materials

We love natural materials, especially when it comes to tea light holders! Our salt stones and alabaster tea light holders glow warmly when you light them, the material is beautifully translucent.

Glass candlesticks and Oriental candlesticks

We have a popular collection of gold-painted glass candlesticks (candle holders), which you can also use as a vase. You will also find copper candlesticks with an Oriental shade in various sizes.

PS Do you know that you are always more beautiful when you are lit by candlelight? ;)