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If you order online from Zenza, you contribute to a more beautiful and fairer world. Thank you for that! Handwork is central to Zenza and working with artisans from all over the world is where our hearts lie. They build a better life with fair wages in Egypt, Morocco and India. When we create the collections, we always wonder whether a product adds personality to a space. We always look for ways to make a house a home. That is about a pleasant feeling, understanding how to create the right atmosphere and - in our case - especially the art of playing with light. That's what it's all about at Zenza and what makes our heart beat faster!

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Zenza Lamps

Zenza makes pendant lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps in an Ibiza or Boho style. Many people think they are Moroccan lamps, but our lamps are made in Egypt, according to our own design, since 1993. Egyptian Zenza lamps are made more refined. The holes are drilled in the lamps, and not hammered like with Moroccan lamps. We work with brass, which is very durable and strong, and never rusts. Our lamps can last a lifetime!

Zenza's starting point is that an oriental lamp must change with the time and taste of today, so we design much more modern shapes and make beautiful graphic and floral designs with the tiny holes. Our lamps made of alabaster, selenite and loofah also give a beautiful pure atmosphere to a room, because the natural materials from which they are made give a nice and warm light.

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Zenza Home accessories

In addition to the lamps, you will also find tea light holders, candlesticks, pillows, dishes, trays, furniture, vases, wall decorations, scarves and jewellery. Zenza is known  for an atmosphere that is a bit ethnic - and always heart-warming.

We only make products of calm natural colours and the most beautiful materials. And of course everything is handmade! The coppersmiths, weavers, potters and furniture makers we work with are real artists in their field. Together we bring ideas to life and transform materials into objects, which can then lead their beautiful life at your home.

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