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Atmosphere in and around the kitchen

Make delicious food and then serve it on beautiful Zenza trays combined with the most beautiful mother-of-pearl spoons, ceramics and glasses!

Love goes through the stomach, but the whole presentation must also be very tasteful to the eye.

Whether you are at home alone and want to have a nice meal or drink, or if you are making a nicely set table for a group of friends or family, it is always more fun if you put a little extra love into it.


Sharing is caring

Zenza's motto, when it comes to food, is “sharing is caring”. When you share food, you show and share your attention for each other.

And that attention is in all the small details of a set table, just as Zenza pays attention to all the small details during the manufacturing process of our products.

Sharing a meal is just a bit more fun on a beautiful plate, with the most beautiful Moroccan and Indian glasses. What could be better than toasting with a decorated glass made with love?

Zenza has its own style in kitchen accessories, always slightly ethnically inspired, often handmade and always very attractive.