How do you clean a silver-plated lamp?

  • event09-04-2021
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It often happens that we get this question at Zenza.

First we explain what you should NOT do.

A silver-plated lamp needs maintenance to stay beautiful, because silver will darken itself over time.

The first thought that comes to mind is to get silver polish.

But that's the biggest mistake you can make, so don't do it!

Silver polish is for solid silver products.

Our lamps are made of copper with a thin layer of silver.

Copper polish dissolves a little bit of the silver, so that the shine of a solid silver object is brought back to the surface.

With our lamps, it could produce a golden lamp after a thorough cleaning.

Because under the silver layer the golden color of copper can be seen.


How can you keep the silver shine?

If you take the lamp out of the box new, a maintenance instruction is included, everything is also described there.

It is best to give the silver-plated lamp a protective layer, so that moisture and oxygen cannot cause discoloration.

We have already provided the lamp with a first layer in Egypt, but it is good to apply a new layer regularly.

This is possible with the HG spray.

This works just like hairspray, you spray a thin layer over the entire surface of the lamp from a small distance.

Invisible, but very effective!

Click here for HG spray

If you consider that the lamp has been made with so much attention and that all holes have been drilled by hand, one by one,

you will go to work with even more patience. In this way you pay homage to the beautiful handmade lamp.


What supplies do you need?

First, you need a liquid abrasive, there are many different brands.

It contains tiny grains that provide a slightly mild abrasive effect.

Since that is already aggressive enough, use a soft cloth to rub the agent over the lamp.

A scourer is too much of a good thing.


The dirt is immediately visible on your cloth, it becomes a bit black and the lamp is already cleaner.

Feel free to let the abrasive work for 15 minutes before removing it.

You do that with a clean damp cloth.

Rinse and wring the cloth over and over again and keep wiping the lamp.


The easiest way to solve this is by rubbing the cloth from the inside of the lamp as well.

You then push the liquid back to the outside and can then easily wipe it away.

If you still see closed holes later, you can easily prick them open with a curved paperclip or something similar

Now the lamp is clean and damp.


Very important to properly dry the lamp now.

This can be done with a tissue or with a dry soft cloth.


If you are satisfied with the result, you can now apply the HG spray.

That is the protective layer, which prevents the lamp from quickly darkening again.


Sometimes the result after cleaning is not quite to your liking.

The circumstances differ per home and climate and therefore even more care may be required

to spend on your lamp to get it beautifully  silver coloured again.

Then you skip the step with the spray, after all you are not finished after cleaning, you want to continue.

The agent "silverplater" has been specially developed for Zenza, a liquid that partly contains real silver,

to reapply a very thin layer of silver on your lamp.

It cannot be compared to the real silver plating process, but it helps just fine!

The package leaflet of this product states exactly how to use it.

You will get dirty  hands, so use rubber gloves!

click here for silverplater



After you have applied a thin layer of the silverplater, you will probably be shocked by the effect.

The lamp has turned grey and dull, not what you want!

But that will be all right.

Let the product take effect for a while and then rub the entire surface of the lamp

again with a dry clean cloth.

Now there will be a beautiful shine!


It is a fun job to do, it is very satisfying to see your lamp shine again afterwards.

Now you can apply another layer of HG spray to finish.

Enjoy your beautiful Zenzational  lamp!