How do you clean a silver-plated lamp?

  • event09-04-2021
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How to clean a silver-plated lamp?

We receive this question regularly at Zenza. First and foremost, we want to clarify what you absolutely should NOT do. Maintenance is essential to preserve the beauty of a silver-plated lamp, as silver naturally darkens over time. The first thought that comes to many is the use of silver polish. However, this is precisely the biggest mistake you can make, so do not do it! Silver polish is intended for solid silver objects, whereas our lamps are made of copper with a thin layer of silver. Copper polish dissolves some of the silver, which restores the shine in solid silver objects. For our lamps, this could result in a golden appearance after use, as the copper color beneath the silver layer becomes visible.

How to maintain the silver shine?

When unpacking the lamp, there is a maintenance instruction in the box, describing everything. It is best to provide the silver-plated lamp with a protective layer to prevent moisture and oxygen from causing discoloration. In Egypt, we have already applied an initial protective layer to the lamp.


But what if, over the years, your lamp has darkened? Follow the steps below and consider it a loving task to take good care of your lamp. Keep in mind that the lamp was made with utmost care, with every hole drilled by hand. Approach the task with even more patience and restore the beautiful handmade lamp to its full glory.

Materials needed

Firstly, you need a liquid abrasive cleaner. Various brands are available with tiny particles for a mildly abrasive effect. Since this is already aggressive enough, use a soft cloth to rub the substance over the lamp. A scrubbing sponge is too powerful.


The dirt is immediately visible on the cloth, which darkens, while the lamp becomes cleaner. You can let the abrasive cleaner sit for about fifteen minutes before removing it with a clean damp cloth. Rinse the cloth repeatedly and wring it out while continuing to wipe the lamp.


Attention: Some holes may get clogged with the abrasive cleaner. You can solve this by also rubbing the cloth from the inside of the lamp, pushing the liquid outwards for easy wiping. If there are still blocked holes later, you can easily open them with a bent paperclip or similar tool.

Now the lamp is clean and damp. It is essential to thoroughly dry the lamp, using a tissue or a dry, soft cloth.

Sometimes, the result after cleaning may still not be entirely to your liking. Conditions vary in each home and climate, so it may be necessary to pay extra attention to your lamp to fully restore the silver color.

The product "silverplater" has been specially developed for Zenza, containing some real silver to apply a thin layer of silver again. While it cannot be compared to the real silver-plating process, it is effective. The product's leaflet provides detailed instructions for use. Wear rubber gloves, as your hands will turn black. After applying a thin layer of silverplater, the effect may initially be disappointing. The lamp may appear gray and dull, but don't worry. Let the product work for a while and then rub the entire surface of the lamp again with a dry, clean cloth. Now, a beautiful shine will appear!

It's an enjoyable task that brings much satisfaction when you see your lamp shining again. Enjoy your beautiful lamp!