Zenza and the interior trends for 2021

  • event09-02-2021
  • schedule17:00
  • personSteffan
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You might recognize  a curiosity for new developments, new designs and new trends, but at the same time you have an aversion to them.

The word trend also implies that it is about something temporary, something that is happening now but will soon be out again.

While we want to consume “less but better”.

Yet everything in life is always full of change, its aways dynamic, nothing stays as it was.

How you feel is  also influenced by the circumstances around you.

And from that arises a need, perhaps for a new atmosphere to surround yourself with.

Especially in this time, when you are expected to stay home, it is extremely important that you feel comfortable there.

That your home reflects who you are, what you need and what you have to give to your loved ones.

In this blog we want to highlight a few items that can give your home a different atmosphere.

They are contemporary and easy to use in everyone's home.




Which trend is relevant and will last a long time?

Of course, a number of diverse interior trends coexist because people and their tastes are so different.

What we hear from all the trend watchers we have followed in the past period is that we now have an enormous need for soft, round, pure, real, honest, connecting, natural and meaningful items.

You can find these concepts almost literally in Zenza's recent collections.

This once again shows that we sense the spirit of the times and make products that are needed.


Which table lamps express the new pure atmosphere?

Just look at the new series of earthenware table lamps that we have developed in Morocco.

By working with natural and sober materials, such as clay and linen, the lamp has a pure and honest appearance.

The motifs are painted on the clay by hand with irregular and loose brushstrokes.

These signs are originally old Berber symbols.

The meaning of these decorations often has to do with protection from evil and fertility.

This line of lamps is very popular, probably because it combines all the elements that we now need.



Which cushions match the organic shapes that are now in play?

Together with other craftsmen in Egypt, we have created a beautiful new line of pillows.

Here too, our starting point for the design automatically coincides with the trend.

We used smooth, simple and rounded lines for the design.


Here too we have deliberately opted for irregularity, for a rhythm that is not perfect.

The technique with which the cushions are made is a form of patchwork, in which the thin cotton is appliqué by hand on a sturdy canvas with small stitches.

The people who make this are called the tent makers in Egypt.

They used to make the huge tents with this technique, which were erected in front of the entrance of a mosque when a ceremony took place.

Nowadays, the fabrics for this are printed with a machine and this profession is about to disappear.

The beautiful story behind this craftsmanship and the contemporary design make these cushions an easily applicable ingredient if you want to give your interior more “soul”.




Which accessories are essential in this new look?

Finally, we would like to highlight the metal vases.

Vases are a great way to apply different styling, on your shelf on the wall or on your table.

The shapes are beautifully round and soft and the surface is also almost cuddly with a beautiful matte finish.

Handles and ears on vases are very popular, they emphasize user-friendliness and functionality.

They refer to milk jugs and water pitchers, but at the same time they are so new in their design.

The perfect mix between old and new, between a smooth design and a sympathetic utensil.

A single beautiful dried flower or branch in a vase is enough for a big impact.






With these small new items in your interior you can put a different accent, more contemporary, more in line with what we want to have around us now.

Enjoy it and make your home completely Zenzational!