Why are alabaster, selenite and loofah so trendy?

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Why are alabaster, selenite and loofah so trendy?

It is a special fact that alabaster is a material that was already very popular by the Faroas, and it still is today.

A type of stone that can apparently be admired through thousands of years, which is quite special when you think about it.

The fact that the Egyptian variety of the mineral Alabaster that Zenza chooses to work with is a soft rock.

That makes it easy to edit by hand.

Although, easy?

It takes the craftsmen a lot of effort to create such beautiful shapes from the blocks.

The flamed brown and soft beige pattern in the surface and the transparency of the stone make it a perfect material for Zenza's beautiful collection of candle holders and alabaster pendant lamps.

Why are alabaster, selenite and loofah so trendy?

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Back to nature for pure materials

The use of natural and pure materials that are slightly irregular in shape meets the need we feel to connect with nature.

Bringing nature into our home, that is what we need in this time and that is possible in many ways.

All the materials we handle on a daily basis are hard and soulless, like our phone that we touch and hold in our hand so much.

Li Edelkoort, the trend watcher who can provide beautiful views of our future, also mentions it: our skin loves touch, our hands want to feel , our hunger for connection with nature is greater than ever before.

Why are alabaster, selenite and loofah so trendy?

Surrounding ourselves with pure materials and handmade objects gives us more peace and joy.


We also feel this need strongly at Zenza, in the latest collections that we have designed ourselves, we only work with natural materials.

Materials that have been cut out of the earth with little processing to be used in lamps or waxine holders, such as selenite and alabaster.

Another pure material that only Zenza has discovered to make lamps of,  is loofah.

Loofah is a cucumber-like fruit of a plant, which has a beautiful fibrous structure.

There, too, we hardly edit the harvested material, we cut and sew this poetic plant around a frame in order to transform it into a lamp.

Why are alabaster, selenite and loofah so trendy?

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 What color light do the loofah and alabaster lamps give?

Because both the loofah and the alabaster have a warmer hue, this has an effect on the atmosphere.

It feels homely and gives a sense of cosiness.

Especially the loofah lamp and the brown tones from our alabaster collection are somewhat yellow when the lamps or the candles are lit and - that has been proven by psychological research - creates feelings of happiness and carefreeness.

We have customers who have literally said about our lamps: as if the sun is going to shine when I turn on the light!


What kind of light do selenite lamps give?

White light is seen as homely and pleasant, especially in more southern countries, so in reverse to what the Northerners feel!

That is because there is already an abundance of sun in everyday life and you would like to experience coolness indoors.

The selenite lamps respond to that need, they look fresh and pure.

The light they give is whiter, although you can also influence the color effect by choosing the bulb.