Loofah lamps

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Loofah lamps

Discover the Magic of Nature with Our Loofah Lamps!

Imagine: a lamp that not only illuminates your room but also brings a touch of natural beauty. And each lamp is unique. And handmade, especially for you!

Coral or sponge lamp?

Our lamps are entirely made of natural material. Enjoy the amazing refined details of the veins. They create a beautiful pattern, a design of nature itself! Sometimes the material is mistaken for precious coral from the depths of the sea. Or for a sponge animal from the sea, but it's not a sponge lamp! But the material comes from a loofah plant. It's the fruits that resemble a cucumber, that we use.

Loofah lamps

How does a loofah become a lamp?

 Each loofah lamp begins its journey in Egypt, where we carefully select the finest specimens. After washing, we let them dry in the warm sun. Then they are skilfully crafted by women from a refugee support group. First, the bark is removed. Then the loofahs are sliced open and the seeds are removed. And finally sewn together to create beautiful lampshades.

Loofah lamps

Good for nature and people.

 At Zenza, we believe that the best designs come directly from nature. So we don't mind the idea that it's a sponge lamp! But it's better for the environment not to harvest that. The plants we grow in Egypt for this purpose are perfectly suitable. And each lamp is unique, with its own unique patterns and charm. Moreover, your purchases directly contribute to improving the living conditions of artisans in Egypt. That's because we operate according to our ethical and sustainable practices.



- Lightweight and easy to handle

- Pure natural and environmentally friendly material

- Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere when the lamp is lit

Loofah lamps

Cleaning the lamp

Cleaning is easy: use a soft brush and possibly some water to gently clean the loofah. You can also occasionally use the vacuum cleaner to clean the lamp.

With our loofah lamps, you not only bring natural beauty into your home but also contribute to a better world.

Experience the magic of nature with Zenza!

Loofah lamps