How do you hang a row of lamps nicely?

  • event25-01-2021
  • schedule12:00
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Do you have a long dining table and is 1 lamp not enough to get beautiful light everywhere? Then the solution is obvious: hang several! Moreover, the repetition of an object is much more interesting to the eye. Often 2 or 3 smaller lamps, hung in a beautiful composition, are more refined than 1 large lamp. That way, everyone can get atmospheric light on that delicious plate of food that looks so wonderful. The dining table is often the heart of the house and therefore really worthwhile to make the most of the atmosphere in that space with beautiful lighting.

Combine different sizes of lamps?

You can choose the same shape of lamp in the same size (2 or more) or the same shaped lamp , but in a different size. So brothers and sisters from a family. If you choose the option with different sizes, you can either hang the bottoms of all lamps at the same height, or keep the tops of the lamps the same height. For each option, you really have to do it very precisely in order to enjoy the result to the fullest. We have done this many times for Zenza, we would like to give you tips from our extensive experience on how to tackle this at home.

Measuring all heights

First of all, you need the measurements of your table and the height from the table top to the ceiling. So dancing on the table is really allowed for a while, but with the measure tape in hand;) What is important to take into account? When you sit at the table, you want to be able to look at each other without being bothered by the lamps. So calculate a space of at least 55 - 60 cm for this. Or try that out and see what feels comfortable for you.

High space

If you are taller than average, you literally have a different view on it. If you often have high candlesticks on the table or a large bouquet of flowers, it can be higher than the 60 cm.
Especially if your space is very high, you can certainly hang the lamps much higher. The ratio between free space from the table and free space from the ceiling must be nicely arranged. It is always about beautiful sizes and proportions, which is why there is no fixed measure.

Low space

In a low house, you choose lower table decoration, for example a nice bowl on the table and tea light holders. Then that 55-60 cm feels spacious enough.
Finally, you determine how much free space you want from the ceiling to the top point of the highest lamp. It is often not so beautiful if you hang a pendant lamp from the ceiling by a very short cord. The distance should be at least 30 cm to achieve the best possible effect. The bigger the lamp, the more important it is. A small light on a shorter cord looks pretty good though.

Which lamps do you choose?

Now comes the best part: choosing a nice shaped lamp on our website!
If you have a high room, it is nice to choose an elongated shape, which fills the surface nicely in height. If your space is low, choose a flatter or rounder shaped lamp. For example, with a 2.20 meter long table, you can choose 2 identical lamps. Then you hang both lamps 70 cm from the side of the table, leaving a space of 0.80 cm in the middle between the lamps. This way the light is nicely distributed over the table.

And if your dining table is very long?

If you have a longer table, or if you want even more impact, choose 3 or more lamps. The middle lamp will of course hang in the middle of the table and the other lamps 60 - 70 cm from the short side of the table. We have also made compositions of many lamps, which we used together at two different heights. E.g. 7 lamps of two different shapes. Three larger and 4 smaller. The three larger ones are hung lower and the four smaller ones are hung higher in between and on both sides. Really incredibly beautiful! For example, a long table top, which can be a boring element in the room, suddenly becomes a very lively eye-catcher due to the composition of the lamps above it.

How can you imagine the result?

If you've made your choice, but there is still a bit of doubt, we have another tip to help with that. Pack as many plastic bags as the number of lamps you want to use and blow them up to the size of the lamps you want to use.
Have someone hold the bags for you (someone with a lot of arms is preferred;)) at the desired height and assess whether these volumes are correct. Take some distance, view the composition from different places in the house. Sit on the chair, do the plastic bags / lamps feel good when viewing from a lower position?
If you follow these steps it really cannot fail, we guarantee a wonderful result!