How do I combine jewelry?

  • event25-01-2021
  • schedule13:00
  • timer2 minutes
You probably know it, you make a choice from your wardrobe, make sure that your hair looks good and while you look in the mirror you see that you are just not satisfied yet. Something is missing, something that just underlines your personality or mood of the day. A beautiful appearance is the total picture, where there is a cohesion in the style of clothing, hairdo to jewelry. And with Zenza jewelry you can give so much character to a simple outfit! For us is a day without jewelry, a day not lived;)


You can in a minute turn basic clothing into something sophisticated with a nice long necklace and a pair of earrings with gemstones. But you can also completely change the look, with the same clothing, by choosing different jewelry. For example, by styling it more bohemian, by wearing a lot of jewelry at the same time, which gives a bolder and more striking effect. And by changing your shoes and jewelry from your daily outfit you can effortless switch to a party night look in no time. That is the power of well-chosen jewelry.

Is it an exaggeration to wear a lot of jewelry at once?

Wearing jewelry and decorating your body with pigments (nowadays called make-up) is as old as humanity. Feathers, seeds, bones, stones and shells, everything that was available has always been used to beautify the body, give it uniqueness or express status. There is nothing new under the sun in that respect. What has changed significantly is that we have the choice to have a different outfit every day. One day you want to be exuberant and striking, the other time nice and comfortable and yet another day you are in the mood for calm and refined.
What a freedom and wealth, that we can so freely "play" with our appearance and adorn ourselves with bracelets, necklaces and earrings. On top of that jewelry has also become affordable for everyone, you can also see that in the Zenza collection. In fact, having a beautiful, distinctive style has become a new form of status or prestige. You are truly admired when you have found your own special look. It is therefore a wonderful feeling to be able to choose each day from your own jewelery box, cupboard or drawer, which you have filled over the years. There is a choice for every mood and every occasion.

Is it possible to combine more expensive and cheaper jewelry?

For Zenza this is a question we never ask ourselves.
Our aim is to create a certain atmosphere and look.
With our jewelry you can style ethnic, boho or romantic, call it what you want. But instead of a style, you can also choose a specific color for your necklace, earrings and bracelets. Everything in greenish-blue tones together, or everything in black-gold together. Then the more expensive labradorite gemstone earrings can go well with a cheaper necklace of woven glass beads, because the color connects them to a beautiful match.
It is precisely this freedom to make your own combinations that gives character to your outfit. Enjoy the choice in our collection and feel beautiful!