Do Zenza lamps not have an energy label?

  • event24-08-2021
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Why do Zenza lamps no longer have an energy label?

You probably want to make the right choice for energy-efficient appliances and lighting for a better environment and cost savings.

And now there is no indication at all with the Zenza lamps in which class they fall.

Why not?

You are probably familiar with the sticker, but what information can you get out of it?

You see the rating or class in which the lamp is located, indicated in letters.

Energy-saving lamps have the energy label A++, A+ or A.

At the very bottom of the label you can see the energy consumption, expressed in kWh per 1000 hours.

Do you choose LED or halogen?

LED lamps almost always fall into class A, because they are the most energy-efficient lamps.

Halogen bulbs usually fall into class C or D, while incandescent bulbs fall into E or F.

In the past there were also labels for E and F, but these will eventually disappear, because light bulbs are no longer made.


Choose a transparent or a  frosted glass light bulb?

For our perforated lamps it is important that you choose a light bulb made of transparent glass.

Only then will you see the beautiful shadow patterns and the light bulb itself will be less noticeable.

If you use a frosted glass incandescent lamp, there are no shadows and you can clearly see a white bulb in the lamp through the holes.

There are beautiful LED lamps for sale that work well in the Zenza lamps.

They therefore fall into the most energy-efficient category and last a very long time.

So the choice which light bulb you choose after you buy a fixture determines whether you make energy-saving choices.

It's not the fixture, it's not the Zenza lamp, it's YOU!


What is a large lamp socket and what is a small lamp socket?


Then there is a letter E14 to read on the sticker, or sometimes E27.

What is that?

The letter E comes from the name Edison, the genius inventor of the screw fittings.

Then the number 14 indicates a smaller size and the number 27 a larger size.

Small fitting or large fitting.

In our lamps you need either one size or the other size, you don't need more choice.

Which one is needed is indicated for each individual lamp on the website.

Let ( or LED) there be light!