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Specialist in lighting

Zenza specializes in lamps and light fixtures. You can find pendant lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and ceiling lamps in our extensive collections.

For over 26 years we have been designing the most beautiful products for you, and we know: good lighting makes your home more attractive.

Our company always offers new shapes and different materials within our lamp collections so that you can have an eclectic and contemporary range to choose from.

One of the bestsellers of the Zenza collection are the lights with the well-known hole patterns, which also match our tea light and candle holders.

They are made of brass, so they never rust and are timelessly beautiful.

The silver color ones are silver-plated with a thin layer of real silver!

How do we work?

We value fair and ethical working conditions and pay fair wages to our artisans.

Our own factory in Cairo provides a safe working environment.

Because we have production and packaging in-house, we can guarantee our high quality.

Click here to watch the video about how we work

How do you hang the lamps in your house as beautiful as possible?

It is best to present the lamps in a group.

A group of 3 or more Zenza lamps together make the lights more spectacular and always looks so impressive and beautiful.

It is precisely the repetition of an object that makes the whole thing more interesting to the eye.

Often 3 smaller lamps, hung in a beautiful composition, are more refined than 1 big lamp.

Then use, for example, a group of lamps from high to low above a low table in the sitting area.

We have written several blogs about this, so please have a look!

Link to BLOGS

And which lamps are suitable for above a dining table?

In the space near the kitchen you can advise a tight row of lamps at the same height, just as it looks beautiful above the dining table.

Then it is important to choose lamps that have an opening from the bottom, through which light falls effectively on the table.

In fact, it strongly depends on the height of the room which lamps are suitable.

For a higher space you choose elongated shapes, for a lower space you choose rounder or flatter lamps.

Click here to go to our pendant lights.

Table lamps

Our company also offers a wide choice in table lamps.

Matching our pendant lamps, we also have an extensive collection of table lamps for you in our collection, in many sizes, shapes and designs.

They all have a switch and a plug so they are very easy to use and place anywhere you like.

The latest collection of table lamps that we have designed are based on the Berber pottery pots and vases.

The irregularly shaped pottery, the old traditional patterns with which they are painted, everything exudes the pure atmosphere of handicrafts.

Emerged from the earth, made with hands, that really gives soul to a product.

Click here for our table lamps

Wall lamps

Of course we have also put together a beautiful collection of wall lamps with hole patterns.

The lamps are supplied with a switch and a plug, but can of course also be used for direct connection in the wall.

Some models are also nice to hang upside down, it just depends on what the customer wants: light directed upwards or downwards.

Click here for the collection of wall lamps

Ceiling mounts

Zenza is a company for an enchanting ceiling, decorated with a beautiful shade pattern!

These ceiling lights with a hole pattern are made with different designs, it's difficult to choose, because they are all beautiful!

They are very suitable for the central light point in a room, if not much effective light is needed, but a lot of atmosphere.

Because the ceilings lamps are not that deep, they can also be used well in rooms with a lower ceiling.

And what is also wonderful is to use them as a wall lamp instead of a ceiling lamp!

It is a safe way to decorate a wall, especially in areas where children are not allowed to touch the light bulbs.

A pleasure to watch, whether the lamp is on or off!

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