Pros and cons
  • The silver lamps fit into any interior and are timeless.
  • The base material is brass and will never rust, the nickel layer does not require maintenance
  • The nickel layer gives a fresh and light appearance
  • The appearance of nickel is colder than that of silver-plated lamps
  • If necessary, adjust the brightness of the pear accordingly

Pendant Lamp - Tropic - Filisky - M - Silver - Zenza

Number of light sources1
Lamp socketE 27
Maximum wattage60w
€ 319,00
You save € 95,70
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Brass, nickel plated
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€ 319,00223,30
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Delivery timeDelivery in 2 - 4 days
Product number785
CategoryPendant Lamps
StyleM - 30 Ø x 45 cm - Zilver
Dimensions30 Ø x 45 cm
Lamp socketE 27
MaterialMessing, vernikkeld
Maximum wattage60w
Number of light sources1
Suitable for LEDcheck
Wire / Cord120 cm clear wire with matching cable and ceiling cap
Dimensions and weight
Length/depth0 cm
Width0 cm
Height45 cm
Diameter30 cm
Dimension00 x 45 cm ( L x B x H)
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Product description

Magic happens when you turn on the light.

Enjoy the stunning atmosphere with amazing shadow patterns on your ceiling and walls!

The patterns you see in the Zenza Lights are punctured by hand, without the use of any stencils. Therefor each lamp is unique.

A variety of contemporary designs will help you choose the perfect pendant for any space in your home.

If you want to see how our lamps are made and how much hand work is involved, you can have a look at this movie. It was the incredible craftsmanship that astonished us when we started working with the artisans in Egypt.

Handwork is disappearing in the fast world of today and we wanted to keep using the skills of the copper smiths. Our own Zenza factory in Cairo provides a safe work space where we can maintain our high quality standards.

Through micro-finance projects we also have helped several craftsmen to set up their own work shop, so they could grow along with Zenza. Working in a sustainable and ethical way with the focus on authenticity is what truly makes a difference in the end.

Stock and ordering
Delivery in 2 - 4 days

Variants of Model Tropic

M - 30 Ø x 45 cm - Zilver
Delivery time 2 - 4 days
S - 20 Ø x 34 cm - Zilver
Delivery time 2 - 4 days
XXL - 45 Ø x 62 cm - Zilver
Delivery time 2 - 4 days
L - 40 Ø x 52 cm - Zilver
Delivery time 2 - 4 days
M - 30 Ø x 45 cm - Zilver
Delivery time 2 - 4 days
S - 20 Ø x 34 cm - Zilver
Delivery time 2 - 4 days
Atmospheric photos
Pendant Lamp - Tropic - Filisky - M - Silver - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Tropic - Filisky - M - Silver - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Tropic - Filisky - M - Silver - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Tropic - Filisky - M - Silver - Zenza
About Zenza

Zenza became especially famous for its beautiful lamp collection and attracted the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Today, there is great appreciation for the handicraft that is so characteristic of our collection. Handmade products have a "soul" that gives them extra value and beauty. We often combine old techniques with a modern twist in our design and develop a very elegant, intimate yet modern atmosphere with our collection.

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Zenza pendant lamps are real eye-catchers in a home. The lamps give a lot of atmosphere and warmth in a house because of the materials we use.

We have metal lamps made of brass and these are sometimes silver plated. The lamps often have hundreds of holes and that gives a beautiful effect! We also use other (natural!) Materials for our pendant lamps such as loofah, selenite and alabaster.

Each lamp is made by hand and with love!