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  • Printed on beautiful paper
  • Flexible to use for the entire collection
  • Valid for one year
  • Only standard amounts possible

Gift card - €75 - Zenza

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What could be more fun and convenient than getting a gift card from your favourite store?

Wonderful to give!

You can use it in both our stores in Amsterdam or in the webshop.

The gift card is valid for a whole year, but we know from experience that the people who received it usually visit Zenza quickly!

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Delivery in 2 - 4 days


About Zenza

Zenza became especially famous for its beautiful lamp collection and attracted the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Today, there is great appreciation for the handicraft that is so characteristic of our collection. Handmade products have a "soul" that gives them extra value and beauty. We often combine old techniques with a modern twist in our design and develop a very elegant, intimate yet modern atmosphere with our collection.

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More than ever, we like to celebrate all the good things in life.

Choosing a gift for a loved one has never been more important than it is now.

Express your warm feelings for each other with personalized gifts and special gifts.

Meaningful and meaningful gifts are the winners if you want to help someone else feel good!

And a gift voucher is of course always a pleasure to give and a pleasure to receive!