The Magic of Oriental Lamps

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Lighting is an essential part of the atmosphere in a space. If there is not enough daylight coming in, it can create a gloomy feeling. Too much light in the evening can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, without considering the natural rhythms that affect our sense of well-being. Therefore, it is crucial to understand light and use it correctly in the home, and Oriental lamps can play a major role in this.


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Why choose a lamp with perforations? 

Lighting for work has a different quality than lighting that creates atmosphere. Oriental lamps, such as those from Zenza made in Egypt but often referred to as Moroccan lamps, are known for their atmospheric effect. These perforated lamps let light shine through hundreds of small holes, filtering it so that it feels very natural. It resembles the light that filters through the leaves of a tree: measured and pleasant. This is exactly why people love Moroccan lamps!


Which Oriental lamp for which place?

To optimally illuminate a space, you need to think three-dimensionally. It is important to let light shine at different heights and create a balance from front to back. This does not mean that every spot should have the same amount of light. Quite the opposite! You create accents by giving more light to certain angles and intentionally illuminating other parts less. Moroccan lamps are particularly suitable for this! Ensure coherence in your lighting plan so that a room feels like a harmonious whole. Light is the most important element for atmosphere, and the use of Oriental lamps can contribute to this. Consider a ceiling lamp instead of a pendant lamp. For example, do not place a table lamp on a small table in a corner, but hang a beautiful Moroccan lamp above it. This way, you play with the shapes and volumes of lamps and light. Sometimes choose an extra large Moroccan lamp and sometimes a smaller one. This difference in size makes the whole more dynamic and gives your interior more impact, especially with Oriental lamps.




Oriental Hanging Lamps

Our Moroccan hanging lamps are almost always open at the bottom, so that light shines effectively downwards. This is practical if you want to hang a lamp, or several, above a table. This way, the tabletop is well lit without the light shining in your eyes, thanks to the holes in the lamp. Oriental lamps are ideal for such applications.



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Oriental Table Lamps

Our Moroccan table lamps, all equipped with hand-drilled holes, create a beautiful atmosphere and a grand effect. A subdued light source can bring a dull corner to life and is indispensable in the home. It is also beautiful to place a larger Moroccan lamp on the floor.



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Oriental Ceiling Lamps

Zenza ceiling lamps are particularly suitable for the bedroom. The central light point is often not suitable for a Moroccan hanging lamp, as it takes up too much height or draws too much attention. A gracefully shaped, bowl-shaped ceiling lamp is then the ideal solution, with guaranteed atmosphere and romance! Here lies the power of Oriental and Moroccan lamps! Another wonderful application of our ceiling lamps is to use them on the wall. You experience it more as a light object on the wall than as a practical Oriental lamp. Incredibly beautiful and powerful in effect! Lower spaces in particular benefit from a ceiling lamp. A great interior tip for a low, but large space is to hang several Moroccan ceiling lamps together. A group of three close together is spectacular! Oriental lamps can create a unique atmosphere in this way.

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Oriental Wall Lamps

A boring corridor can come to life completely with beautiful Moroccan lamps on the wall. Instead of a standard Arabic lamp hanging from the ceiling and giving light from above, several Oriental wall lamps at the right height can create a much more pleasant atmosphere. They dress the walls and create beautiful shadow patterns through the hundreds of handmade holes in the lamp. Zenza wall lamps sometimes have openings both above and below, illuminating both upwards and downwards. For a bedroom next to the bed, Moroccan lamps that shine only upwards are ideal, so they never shine in your eyes. Or choose Oriental lamps that shine only downwards, perfect for reading in bed. Zenza has all these different options in the collection. Moroccan lamps make the difference in such situations.


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Children's rooms with Oriental lamps

Children love our Oriental lamps with perforations because they are extra sensitive to atmosphere. The soft light and beautiful shadows on the wall give a feeling of security. This is important for bedtime and for making the transition from day to night. The small holes in the lamps resemble stars in the sky! Children also enjoy turning a hanging Oriental lamp, causing the shadows to move like stars across the wall - a spectacular sight for children and parents alike. A 1001 nights feeling in the house with a single Moroccan lamp in the right place! A children's room becomes more beautiful with not only typical children's items, but also bold elements that give body to the whole. Oriental lamps fit perfectly into this setting.



Are Oriental lamps subject to fashion? 

In every home, large or small, Moroccan lamps play a crucial role in creating the right special and intimate atmosphere. Oriental lamps with their unique design and atmospheric lighting can dress up and transform any space. In the past, the designs contained much more ornamental decorations and were therefore much more complex. It is Zenza's merit to adapt those old designs of Egyptian lamps to today's interiors. Zenza has been doing this with great love and passion since 1993. The collaboration with many craftsmen in Egypt, with their generational experience in making these beautiful Oriental lamps, is a great pleasure.

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The simple shapes and patterns of the current Arabic lamps in the Zenza style, with their enormous effect and allure, will never bore. Oriental lamps remain popular because with their timeless charm and functional beauty, they are always a complement to any interior.




Creating Japandi or Bohemian interiors with Oriental lamps

Due to the simplicity in form and design, the perforated lamps are excellent for use in a sleek interior that needs warmth and liveliness due to clean lines and sober implementation. We know many examples of beautiful Japandi-style interiors in which our Moroccan lamps have been applied. There are beautiful hotels and spa spaces furnished with our Oriental lamps, which have a very beautiful zen atmosphere. The calm colors and soft round shapes that characterize this style are ideal as a basis for Oriental lamps. Also in a Bohemian style, where various worldly elements come together and the house breathes the atmosphere of distant travels and adventures, Moroccan lamps with perforations fit perfectly. It can be a colorful whole in which our golden Moroccan lamps certainly feel at home, or a house with ethnic art from different parts of the world where simple silvered Oriental lamps add an extra rich accent. 




The timeless charm and functional beauty make Oriental lamps a valuable addition in every interior, from the living room to the children's room. Let the magic of Moroccan lamps with perforations illuminate and enrich your home with their warm, enchanting glow. Oriental lamps offer endless possibilities to bring atmosphere and style into every corner of your home. Whether you call them Arabic, Egyptian, Moroccan, or Oriental lamps, they are the key to a harmonious and atmospheric decoration.