How do I make a lamp shorter?

  • event07-04-2021
  • schedule08:00
  • timer1 minute

The pendant lamps from Zenza come with an electrical cord and a metal cable that carries the weight of the lamp.

We are legally obliged to weld the metal cable so that it is securely attached.

Now it may happen that you want to shorten the lamp at home.

That's what this explanation is for and you will see: it is very easy.

You need a screwdriver and a pair of nippers for this.


Below you see a picture of the metal cable, which is secured in a metal terminal block.


Cut the metal wire with the nippers, near the metal terminal block, see photo below.


Then also cut the other part of the metal cable and turn the two screws up.


You now have the metal terminal block loose and cut the metal wire to the desired length.

Keep in mind that you are making a loop in the wire, so don't cut it too short.


Slide the connector on the metal cable and insert the cable through the opening for hanging the lamp.


Then insert the metal cable with a loop back through the metal terminal block.


Now screw both screws very tightly, the weight of the lamp will hang on this after all!

The loop may also be made shorter than shown in the photo.

Cut away the protruding remainder of the cable.

The job is done, the lamp can be hung.