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Rug - Berber - Curry - Zenza

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Dimension345 x 210 cm
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This rug is woven by women in the Atlas, the mountain region in the north of Morocco.

The beautiful colors that match so harmoniously are plant dyed.

The wool comes from the sheep that graze all over the slopes of the mountains.

Imagine that picture, what a beautiful origin this carpet has had!

Then it has been used, sometimes for several generations in a row, that is how strong these beautiful carpets are.

So some fringes may have worn off over the years, but that just adds more charm and character.

Wonderfully soft and warm, for sure a whole generation of enjoyment!

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Zenza became especially famous for its beautiful lamp collection and attracted the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Today, there is great appreciation for the handicraft that is so characteristic of our collection. Handmade products have a "soul" that gives them extra value and beauty. We often combine old techniques with a modern twist in our design and develop a very elegant, intimate yet modern atmosphere with our collection.

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