Pros and cons

  • Made from sustainable mango wood
  • Unique handicraft
  • Neutral color, making it easy to apply. easy to combine
  • Cannot be used for candlelight, because of fire hazard.

Cupboard - Display - White - Zenza

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Product number2147
MaterialMango Wood
Dimensions and weight
Dimension40 x 37 x 75 cm
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Product description

Isn't this a gem?
Originally this is a small Indian temple, in which offerings are placed.
It often looks very colourful, filled with beautiful flowers and fragrant incense.
We have made our version a little more “zen”, by keeping the design cleaner.
Especially in this white version the temple looks even more stunning and serene. 
The two birds on both sides give an extra peaceful look to it.

Home is a place where you bring together and cherish special, precious objects.
This temple is made for that exactly!
We even know people who have it in their kitchen and have put their specialty coffees and coffee pots in it ;)
It's all about what YOU want to honour, right?
But that it will look fabulous, is certain!

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About Zenza

Zenza became especially famous for its beautiful lamp collection and attracted the attention of designers and stylists worldwide. Today, there is great appreciation for the handicraft that is so characteristic of our collection. Handmade products have a "soul" that gives them extra value and beauty. We often combine old techniques with a modern twist in our design and develop a very elegant, intimate yet modern atmosphere with our collection.

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