What looks good on a coffee table?

  • event08-02-2021
  • schedule13:00
  • personSteffan
  • timer2 minutes

Imagine you have bought a beautiful coffee table from Zenza, you are completely happy with that!

Then you immediately ask yourself: and what am I going to put on it?

“Nothing” is also an answer, of course, it all depends on whether your house needs; more “zen” or more cozy decorations.

What is suitable for a beautiful still life?

What is suitable for a beautiful still life?

The goal is a composition of a number of objects together, which reinforce each other.

Creating cohesion and yet bringing diverse items and different materials together.

How do you handle something like that?

It is important that the objects have different heights.

And that it will be an odd number in total.

Three or five beautiful things together is the strongest.

Sometimes these require a surface on which to put them together, such as a tray.

First choose the size of the tray that you find suitable for the table.






Choose objects that bring liveliness.

Choose objects that bring liveliness.

A candlestick (nice for the height), a tea holder (nice for a low accent) and a bottle with a sprig of flowers in a medium size can become a beautiful still life.

The combination of flower and candle is always very popular.

Shells and stones that you have found during a walk can also complete a composition and give it a personal touch.





Create a composition where color is the starting point.

Create a composition where color is the starting point.

Then bring together objects of the same color, as in this photo.

To make things more cohesive, you can also use a large leaf of a plant, which you place under an object.

Dried palm leaves are also very suitable for this.





Composition of color and scent

Don't forget that scent in the home is also an important component of atmosphere.

You can apply a neutral and purifying scent by burning a stick of Palo Santo.




With all these tips and beautiful objects it will surely become Zenzational in your house, enjoy!