How to do Mediterranean styling

  • event22-07-2021
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Mediterranean, a word we come across a lot when it comes to all sorts of trends.

In interior design and decoration it often makes you feel like the sun is shining in your home even if the outside is gloomy.

Hints of Mediterranean decor with a story and a history, combined with the laidback energy and fresh look.

For Zenza the essence of a Mediterranean interior is the word “relaxed”.

Below we give you three important tips to get started with applying this beautifully and effortlessly in your own home.



In a Mediterranean interior, many light colors are combined.

Think of different shades of white, sand colors and a touch of a warm color here and there.

That keeps the house fresh and light.

But the color white can also come across as very cold and harsh, so you have to use it in the right way.

By playing with texture, and adding those warm colors here and there you keep your space from looking cold.

The wooden furniture and mirrors from the Zenza collection, which have been given a whitewash finish, can be used perfectly in this style.

The color may be called white, but if you look closely you will see a wide variety of whites and the surface is not completely smooth.

That brings liveliness and a lived-in effect.



To give depth to the atmosphere, it is important to use different textures in the interior.

The alternation between soft, rough, shiny and dull objects.

Walls painted with chalk paint give a nice matte finish.

Then it is nice to add a slightly shiny piece of furniture to enhance that contrast of a matte wall.

A coffee table with shiny zelige tiles is the perfect match in such a case.

The sometimes tiny pieces of tile are all a slightly different shade, which makes the table top a very interesting surface in your home to look at.

You could never create so much atmosphere with a smooth white table top, then it will become cold  and too rigid.

Also the use of home textiles with a beautiful texture, such as our sabra cactus silk cushions

or the blankets of woven cotton are perfect for this look.


Natural materials are also part of the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Bring the feeling of freedom from the outside to your home.

An abundant collection of plants a house contribute to a good indoor climate and a calming feeling.

Zenza has added more and more beautiful natural materials to the collections in recent years.

The alabaster lamps and tea-light holders are a good example of this.

But the loofah lamps, made from a cucumber-like plant, are also a beautiful natural material.

When you turn on those lights, it looks like the sun is going to shine!

A beautiful warm light shines through the enchanting whimsical shapes of the plant material.

Click here for the loofah lamp

Click here for the pompom blanket Click here for the blanket with pompoms