How do you improve the atmosphere and acoustics in your home?

  • event25-03-2021
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It is so wonderful to have an empty space and make something beautiful and unique!

That is quite a process, of course, there is a lot of choosing and trying out beforehand.

And when all the furniture is finally in place, phase 1, that of “making big decisions”, is finally finished.

But then comes phase 2, that of “making fun”.

And many people get stuck there, what to do now?

Ambience is determined by many factors, including light, colour, scent, textures, etc.

A house that is too empty has a somewhat unpleasant atmosphere, because the acoustics are not pleasant.

The reverberating sound emphasizes the uninviting atmosphere.

What can you do about it?


Making the right choices in the lighting of a home provides a good basis.

Pay attention to the different heights of your light sources, if that is varied, you will get the best effect.

That is why a table lamp on a low table, with a wall lamp on a higher level and a hanging lamp from the ceiling is a very nice combination.

This provides a pleasant distribution of the light and more lamps provide extra atmosphere.

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A blanket on a sofa and a nice group of pillows not only create a cosy atmosphere, but also give better acoustics.

A carpet near the sitting area, or in a more open part of the house, also dampens the sound.

The more structure or texture this home textile has, the better the acoustics will be.

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Plants are also an instant boost for your home and also contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Especially if you do not use hard glazed pots, but rather put your plants in baskets, you get a cosy atmosphere.

And again due to the sound-absorbing effect of the baskets, this also ensures less reverberating noise in the house.

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Stairwells are often quite noisy and the steps on the steps sound loud.

The high walls, which are usually neatly finished, provide a reverberation of sound, not so fine.

Also framed art in a glass frame does not help to soften this.

We have found good solutions for this with various customers, hanging a carpet on the wall!

There are such beautiful unique items in our collection, which give an amazing effect when you hang them on a high wall in a staircase.

It gives warmth and character to your home and atmosphere in abundance.

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With these tips you can improve the atmosphere and acoustics and your house will also look completely Zenzational!